20 Songs vs. 200 Songs

I am not even sure there are photos of me when I first started playing guitar because I was playing the guitar and not posing in front of a camera. Marketing wasn’t even a word that came to mind when I thought of guitar. Nor was blogging, draw, online, social media, newsletter, or poster. Just me and the lyrics and the music. Am I romanticizing just a bit? Just a bit.

I had about 20 songs. The thing was, I liked all of them, all of them were important.

Now, I can easily say I have 200 songs, but there’s a difference. When you have a lot of content there’s the dreaded word of “filler.” It was unheard of when I started playing to add a song for filler, all the songs were vital to me, it just was a matter of what order I played them in if I was performing, nothing more. I am starting to see the flaws of quantity in that all 200 songs can’t ALL be magical. They can’t ALL be vital, at least not to me, all at once.

I am starting to conceive of a 20 Song Guide – if I have 20 songs that are just the cat’s meow, or the dog’s bark, or the lion’s roar, or the horse’s whinny to me, that is really solid and that feels good.

As we “grow” as musicians, alas, we are water that seeks its own level. To truly go UP, sometimes we have to get back to the principles of the shoot of a plant, growing, each ray of sun, each mineral of dirt, important.