Gig Report: 8/24/19

“Let’s play with rhythm,” I said as I started out the night. I wanted to change the songs into something new, after all a folk tune can become reggae with a mere flick of the wrist. “Only if it makes the songs better,” quipped Victor, an astute musician and observer.

A show is often a time to look hard at the repertoire and set list and see what moves me. I had a blast at this show, which featured The Sweet Maries (read an article I wrote about them in Chicago Music Guide here). Yet, I felt at the end of it that my set needs to change, a lot. My adventures in rhythm could be part of needing a whole new set of experiences to portray. Songs are experiences. I came out of this show enjoying it, the mood, the vibe the people, incredibly–yet seeking to find new songs and a new voice for my music.

It set me on a path to write some new material. Inspired by John Martyn, I feel like an inner bird seeking flight. I don’t care if that sounds cheesy. I am backed up by amazing musicians, whether a duo or a group, yet it’s up to me to make the canvas for the music.

If you’re thinking of scrolling by this video, play it. It’s a great example of a songwriter being completely at one with themself. It’s fking great.

Main article photo by Bob Nichols