Parts of Songs in Bite-Sized Pieces


My good man he was standing by the ocean / He was walking on the water  / making plans and observations  / and a long time ago in the ages of Rome / they took all the pretty birds / and they put them all in cages  / except for the fastest bird / who flew so fast they couldn’t catch her / and her name was Liberty and I think I’ll go and fetch her


Coal Mine Canary

Put your love in a suitcase baby and get on an old jet plane / Write it down on a steel string guitar / I know your apples are rotten and you are sick of the same old thing / Hand it off to good old Zanzibar / My memories they have served me very well / but they could use some reckoning…Bye bye all you yellow canaries I am home free / Bye bye all you pretty blue jays I am home free / ’cause a life in a coal mine / no it ain’t for me / don’t want to be no coal mine canary / Can you wait for me to get my shit together / Paris Hilton is in prison / She ain’t tough man / so I feel comfortable / sayin’ that I could, do, it better


Self Righteous    

I used to be so self-righteous, I could see the parasite on a tick / I could tell you what your name was, tell you what your game was / man it would make you sick / Lo and behold I was the perfect prick / wait a minute baby better come here quick / I sing the devil his lullabies, I used to work with Michelangelo on the side / We all know the devil don’t sleep at night, and me and Mike we’d be paintin’ the Sistine Chapel white / You might think it’s a joke, you might think it’s a lie / but why would I joke, why would I lie? / It would be professional suicide / I used to be so self-righteous, I could take the head off of a pin / With one phrase I could drag the cat out, beat him and then drag him back in / I used to be so perfect / but it took up all my time / You don’t need to know Michelangelo to know where to draw the line


Dog on the Street   

And now the train whistle blows in my ear / and how I wish that you were coming home / and now I’m ten miles high in the sky / and the stars are lonelier than you’d ever know / and I’m ten inches tall in the mirror / you know I hate to be alone



I was down in the swamps of Louisiana, I ran into a guy / I said “hi” my name is Hannah / He said, Oh no, his name was Jones / I could tell right away he was feathers and bones / Coyote howlin’ underneath the yellow moon sayin’ / don’t make your mind up so soon / Ten years later I saw him in Savannah / I said hello Jones, he said hello Hannah / he had a tattoo of an eagle drawn on his chest / he was lookin’ like a pirate and tan from Key West / he didn’t say a word but looked like he wanted to make a bet / I said you know if we never would have seen each other again / that probably would have been best / But he just smiled, said he was headed to Key West / and asked me if I wanted another cigarette/ I said no but I watched his burn


Mass Hysteria

evil is confronting you on the t.v. screen / oh just go read People Time or some other magazine / ’cause it seems so quiet and it seems so serene / but it is mass hysteria in America cause we’re all living in a dream / We sacrifice all for the economy / for it any bullet we would bite / for the truth is without money / we have no control of our lives / We vote for lower taxes but pay more for gasoline / It is mass hysteria in America ’cause we’re all living in a dream


Shadow of God    

Lordy lordy I was lookin’ around, I saw the shadow of God down on the ground / Shadows of all of his creations / down at the train station / people and more people, faces and more faces goin’ to different places / I saw the shadows on the ground / well lordy lordy I was lookin around, I saw the shadow of god down on the ground on a cold February day when I finally looked around / and as cold as your absence seems / June is somewhere deep in the ground


Loved a Man            

I woke one morning to stare in the mirror and found the rodeo in my eyes / and love makes you lonesome sometimes


Skeleton Girl          

starve yourself but you don’t starve me / in between cigarettes and death yes I think that is just where we met


These Times Again         

Well I don’t mind walkin’ down these times again / When the thoughts fold nice like the corners of the bed that just come unraveled ‘long with my head / when you lay down / when you lay down / paths once traveled do stick to my shoes / lord forgive me for the way I think about you


The Velvet and the Suede        

I’m like a faded line in between the sunshine and the shade / I cannot be swayed either way- to let things go or to let them stay just the way that they are / oh why’s it got to be, why’s it got to be so hard when it started off so softly / You look at me with those eyes and you ask me / what went wrong and I just say babe, the answer is not in this song



yet here I am painting a picture / painting things but the things are all gray / like gray on top of gray on top of gray / what is that you’re making you ask and I don’t know what to say / just something other than / what I painted yesterday / Heaven walks with that face down / Learn to hear her voice within silence urging you to move on / ah, to keep right on pursuing what was already gone / because you know / further on down the road / fate will slap you awake / and further on down the road / you will find that fate is just another shade of paint


The Graveyard Adventures of Survivor Cupcake (With Part II)

Well I’m behind you in handcuffs, rapping at the bones at your back door crying to be taken home but that’s me, survivor cupcake ready to be consumed by what ails you headache honey just drip down softly over the walls of this great damn you have built to stop the rivers of a flowing passion but I really don’t give a


She Never Falls

From the first breath of creation / I have been toiling from the start / won’t you come down and relieve / the achin’ of my heart / Destiny sometimes is the horse / and sometimes is the cart



Go on and steal, steal all of my bread from me / feed it to your children down by the bitter sea / and if those tired, happy, dirty little faces don’t set you free / I walk on the beach I walk to drum beats / we are all just people off the streets / Live-ers and die-ers all may meet / in the summer heat / I thank the Lord for the beach / in this octopus of stone / too many roads to find my way home / Cry me a river down to Lake Shore Drive / Now, now now now now now / Winter is suffocating me / Then the fair weather comes…when the fair weather comes you know I’m gonna be alright / Stay in the sand sunrise to moonlight / you can take my shame you can take these earthly delights / I said you can take all the bread all the bread that you like from me, feed it to your children down by the bitter sea / and if those tired, happy, lonely little faces don’t set you free


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