Musician Horoscope for 1/12/21

Musician Horoscopes

Find your sign, engage your mind. For 1/12/21 and for amusement…seriously.

Aquarius – Supply and demand is upon you. Luckily you’re the only clarinet playing, juggling person with a blue mohawk in your region and suddenly everyone wants a piece of it! Make hay while the sun shines, you may find yourself wearing sunglasses, signing contracts, and meeting folks in the big time.

Pisces – Somehow the NFP that you were donating to has opened up its membership and you’re flooded with new friends and fans that want to help the world feel good. This ship is going to continue sailing, so grab an oar. Talk to your fellow shipmates on any topic and your neurons will be blazing.

Aries – You may find yourself glued to the Internet or a book today, which could be bad if you don’t take a break. You’re only human, you know, not a machine! Take breathers there, Small Wonder.

Taurus – Your music is going great, and you might meet someone whose music is also going great, then you will make great collaborations. Dig the meeting of other likeminded spirits.

Gemini – You may meet an old piano teacher at a bus station or some other blast from the past. Take it in stride, literally. Take a big ole walk this evening and settle your mind so that you can sleep like a baby.

Cancer – Some new people may move into the practice space down the hall, but you’re too busy researching capacitors to give much notice. Do some yoga or go walking later in the evening so you can wind down.

Leo – Your entrepreneurial spirit and command of social media or your latest Plug-in will have you reeling in the benefits today. You will be talking with some great folks about new opportunities. Keep the fires burning and seize the day!

Virgo – That long, odd conversation you had with the weirdo at the coffeeshop seemed like nothing, but now you think there might be some points to be gleaned from the lucidity. As you leave, there is a woman crossing the street, help her make it to the other side.

Libra – You’re ready to learn the ways of the Jedi. Your path is taking you deeper into the proverbial woods. Keep track of what you are learning.

Scorpio – Lots of exciting gigs got thrown onto the books, but that means you are going to have the change your itinerary and travel plans. Plot the points on the map again.

Saggittarius – You might be cast for the lead in a play. Stay calm, the details are not worked out just yet.

Capricorn – You may be asked to go on a major tour and bring your entourage. However, use research to double check that the tour bus driver is not allergic to feather boas. You may redesign the costumes and find it a fascinating change of pace.

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