Musician Horoscope for 1/14/21


Musician Horoscopes

Find your sign, engage your mind. For 1/14/21 and for amusement…seriously.

Aquarius – You’re finally big in Japan. You don’t have to go across the globe, but if you can manage, go celebrate with friends and travel somewhere new.

Pisces – The promoter paid you and you’re feeling on top of the world. But, don’t let it go to your head.

Aries – This is a great day to chat with a bandmate or sign up for a class. Learn, build and do.

Taurus – Your ducks are finally in a row. You could be suspicious, but it looks like things are actually alright. Take a breath.

Gemini – Today you and your bandmates are ready to design the spaceship that you will soar through the universe in. Make sure to get it trademarked.

Cancer – You’re building out your studio and making trips to the hardware store. Build it and they will come.

Leo – You’re a chatty Cathy today and can’t be pulled away from social media. But that’s good, as you’re in the flow!

Virgo – Your home business skills are high today: you can spot the difference between real estate in Florida and a real opportunity. Follow your nose!

Libra – Sometimes you have a hunch, today you just know. Roll with it!

Scorpio – You’re getting good vibes today. Give them too! Double whammy!

Saggittarius – You’re feling so great why not try that new melody! Sing it and play it loud and proud!

Capricorn – Put out your feelers and follow them. Life comes naturally.

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