Musician Horoscope for 1/6/21

Musician Horoscopes

Find your sign, engage your mind. For 1/6/21 and for amusement…seriously.

Aquarius – Today you’ve got some great mojo with your bandmates. You are so magnetic that you might even meet a new keyboard player on the bus. Talk with other musicians and share common ground, it’s time to network.

Pisces – Your muse is calling your name. Today is a great day to make a major decision about your next project. Be sure to use extra good judgement about the values and core beliefs you have and express.

Aries – Give your favorite guitar player a new pick, and your favorite engineer a new cable.

Taurus – You win some, you lose some, but you do it as a team. Enjoy your “crew” today and make the most of it. Celebrate the wins and and face palm together over the losses.

Gemini – Make calls, send texts, holler to those you care about and look up to. Communicate with mentors, friends, et. al.

Cancer – Today you learn how to say “that part isn’t working” rather than “did you fking practice!?”. Take a deep breath and enjoy being able to dance without stepping on toes. Old friends may come out of the woodwork.

Leo – Fanmail comes in a duffle bag today. Read it but be aware that one fan might be lurking outside by the garbage cans. Best to hang with your peeps today and enjoy the little things.

Virgo – You’ve got an eagle eye today when looking at scores. You see every note, dotted eigth and sixteenth rest. Hell, you’re sight reading thirty-second notes. You can spot detail today. Use it.

Libra – You can really work a room today. Remember that it’s not just about the time on stage, but the time you spend with the audience. Stay in the flow, and increase the bonds.

Scorpio – You’d spend all day with a cello if you could. Play it tonight in a small dinner bistro and people will swoon.

Saggittarius – Not only is today a great day to plan an album with bandmates and engineers and producers, you might want to launch into studying costume design and LED walls. Go with where your spirit takes you to discover and research.

Capricorn – You’re basically feeling like Elvis. The jumpsuit Elvis. Singing into a hairbrush might not be as good as being on stage, but today, it is all you need.

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