Musician Horoscope for 1/8/21

Musician Horoscopes

Find your sign, engage your mind. For 1/8/21 and for amusement…seriously.

Aquarius – Now is the time to tell your manager that you will need at least eight limos and a larger dressing room. They were feeling the same way! Strike partnerships and speak your mind.

Pisces – A major shake out leaves you either with the promotion of your dreams or out on the pavement. Either way, know that it’s up to you and dig deep.

Aries – Time to visit the next venue that you will play at and go exploring. Meet all the people and strike up conversations. Even if it’s beyond your regular stomping grounds, go forth and investigate. If the taxi pulls up and it’s time to go, jump in!

Taurus – Who knew that you and your friends like the same obscure song. Still waters run deep. Connections you currently have may go farther than you even knew!

Gemini – This is a great time to launch a crowd funding campaign.

Cancer – You’re not just a one hit wonder. It’s official. You’ve got some more albums up your sleeve. Just proceed carefully, because the bigger they come the harder they fall. Stay smart and stay on the rise.

Leo – If you are trying out for American Idol don’t be who you think they want you to be, just be yourself. You’re a shoo-in.

Virgo – Your intuition that blue lighting is going to accent the color of the lead singer’s purple cape is spot on. Don’t question it, you’ve got great judgement today. Make the call even if you don’t understand it, and tomorrow you’ll see that you were right.

Libra – You may find yourself leading a choir. You will do a great job. Orchestrating is your strongsuit today.

Scorpio – Even though you’ve had some great gigs lately, be sure to put some money away. Even if you don’t need it you will feel better.

Saggittarius – After bringing down the house, you don’t want to retire or take time off, you’re more than ready to bear down, take classes and keep the high energy going. Go for it!

Capricorn – You can invent a dance step today unlike any dance step that’s ever been stepped.

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