Sometimes I’m Happy

Stumbling through jazz songs, I find the classic “Sometimes I’m Happy.” I check out the Sarah Vaughan version.

Then, I found the Joni Mitchell version.

The difference was striking.

I felt like the image of the plaintive cup of wine and cigarette on the cover image of the latter artist, made me want to proclaim that the song says happy sometimes, not never. At least sometimes.

The first version is about being happy despite all odds, and the second seems to be about being sad despite all odds.

Does the luxury of expression only lead to ennui and jadedness, and the struggle to create music lead to joy and a smidge of pizazz? Are moods authentic or do they follow trends?

As a person prone to a vast variety of moods myself, yet not desiring to fall into a pit of existential tar, I do declare, at least sometimes I am happy.