Which Hand Are You Going to Ache?

A good friend of mine
a friend I met by accident
taking a book from a free book case on the street
the kinds with the glass front
and a little door you open with a knob

He started talking to me
as I was carrying a guitar case
and he said he normally doesn’t talk to girls in that way
he’s older, beyond wanting to get some

and I played a tune and he nodded
and he told me he grew up steeped in music

He is like a guru, for real
he lives in a temple
and I saw there once
these people in robes handing out flowers
and there were so many colors
I thought I might have some form
of mental epilepsey
I was over stimulated
it was like a moving painting
being inside a work of art
but isn’t that life
isn’t the flower of life
what you want to hold in your right hand?

And I would complain, as we sometimes do on earth
of pains

and I said, my right hand is hurting so bad!
I type, I do websites, a lot of my work is online
on computer oh
when will I ever get a break

and he said, as gurus do
a simple thought

why is it your right hand, and why not your left?

If you give attention to the guitar, the same way you give attention to the jobs of the right hand…then what?
Would not that show your commitment to music?

The problem with the pain
wasn’t the pain itself
but where I was putting my energy

I thought about this but didn’t have to
it was a good epiphany

I set about to practicing 2 hours a day

thinking I need to do that to even be on the playing field

I read “Effortless Mastery” from a small bookstore
that smelled of incense it was the perfect bookstore
full shelves heavy with knowledge so much so
that the place was almost breathing on its own

I sit and write a blog entry
but I will be practicing soon.


Cover image subject to copyright. It's something I found online 
that reflected the brightness and overwhelming visual aspect.