The World is Changing and We are Changing With It

As social distancing pushes music to the online realm, this site is the hub of my music world. Take a step into my creative jungle. I offer metaphorical lyrics and a voice that could soothe a tiger.

For the past two years I have been on a musical mission to tackle blues and jazz. As I’ve been a songwriter for about 20 years, riding solely on my musical intuition and poetry, this has been a new way to dive into music.

Check out the start of the journey with “Comes Love,” the jazz 45 rpm vinyl record, released in 2019 on Random Chance Records (NYC). Click the album image to learn more!

“Her voice has that sultry, jazzy tone, tho, and one realizes when they hear her that she can sing anything she wants.”    – Nashville Blues and Roots Alliance

“Nice, unpretentious.”    – Blues & Rhythm (UK)

Music Mix:

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