Hannah Frank is a Chicago-based singer-songwriter. her ORIGINAL band Hannah Frank Group features Meg Thomas (Percussion), Victor Sanders (GuiTAR) and Ben E. Miller (BASS).

Her most recent release “Comes Love” on Random Chance Records (NYC) features two covers: A JAZZ STANDARD AND a country-western number.

Here’s what some folks have said:

“Her voice has that sultry, jazzy tone, tho, and one realizes when they hear her that she can sing anything she wants.”    Nashville Blues and Roots Alliance

“Nice, unpretentious.”    Blues & Rhythm (UK)

Buy “Comes Love” the 7-inch vinyl (or MP3) on Amazon:


The new 7-inch 45 rpm “Comes Love” is available through Random Chance Records. This label was started by Rick Congress, author of a book on James “Yank” Rachell (Blues Mandolin Man, University Press of Mississippi, 2001). Learn more here