Hannah Frank is a poetic songwriter and vocalist whose first forays dug into rural country blues, raw cowboy chords, and surprisingly heavy lyrics. Soaking up Chicago’s vibe, she added traces of jazz, world, rock and the energy of urban blues.

Delving deeper into the worlds of jazz and blues, she recently recorded two jazz classics: “Comes Love” and the Western Swing song “Walkin’ After Midnight” onto a 7-inch 45 rpm record release (Random Chance Records NYC). Her most recent music video is for her own blues-inspired song “Heart Hitter.”

In her original music, characters step out of songs as if out of a novel. The effect is mysterious, evocative, and fun. A honey-meets-barbed wire voice melds woe and wonder into psychological rhymes, vivid imagery and emotionally-charged scenes. Songs like “Things Have Changed” and “King James” show her electric guitar stylings. while this song “Lay Some Paint on Me” shows some of her acoustic fingerpicking and Dylan-like lyrical runs.

In an ensemble, her band Hannah Frank Group has performedsince 2012, including shows at Chicago’s House of Blues and Mayne Stage, as well as festivals like Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest. The group (featuring Meg Thomas, Victor Sanders and Ben E. Miller) has released LIVE EP (2014) and PUSH Collection (2016) is rhythmic, moody Americana.

She also has influences of blues-meets-early-rock-and-roll, with artists like Magic Sam, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Lonnie Johnson, T-Bone Walker, Nina Simone and Ray Charles. She co-wrote a song “Hip Twist” on the album Ain’t No Notion by Martin Lang (Random Chance). She has an ear to the ground for current blues artists like Chicago’s Tail Dragger and Willie Buck, and Austin-based Paul Oscher.

She continues to write songs and add more blues and jazz to the mix, while honing a unique original style.




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