Hannah Frank Vocals on Wax!

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Muses have gathered and conjured “Comes Love” (a song penned in 1939) on 45 RPM limited edition vinyl record courtesy of Random Chance Records (NYC). The B-side is “Walkin’ After Midnight” (a country-western tune).

The studio recording features Dennis Luxion (piano), Billy Flynn (guitar), Ben E. Miller (bass) and Dean Haas (drums) and is produced by blues harp ace Martin Lang.

The format of singing with piano and exploring vocals in a jazz context was a natural flow, building on years of singing original poetry.

“Her voice has that sultry, jazzy tone, tho, and one realizes when they hear her that she can sing anything she wants.”    Nashville Blues and Roots Alliance

“Nice, unpretentious.”    Blues & Rhythm (UK)

Released on Random Chance Records.

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This jukebox-sized record is also available directly: Just Paypal $13 to hannahfrankchicago@yahoo.com and include your shipping address (U.S. shipping is included in the price). You will receive a 45 adaptor with your order.

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