Writings are original poems or prose, published on Hannah’s Poetry Blog (read it if you dare!). Highlights are below:

Poem for Jonah

The very festive feather that you wore

the day we met before we said good-bye

the lepers and the lady closed the door

philosophies of gypsies getting high

The rites of spring and all of summer’s gold,

it stirs my spirit soul, I start to dance!

moved by an unseen hand I lose control

when honey bees and maple trees advance

The cigarette has fallen from her lips

The sparrow sits upon the roof above

I drew her oval face with an ellipse

the distance between licorice and love

The coffin lost at sea, lost in the mail

I’m stuck here in the belly of this whale

I Long

I long to introduce you to your better self.

Your artist, your apothecary, your alchemist.

Your architect, your drawer, your painter, your prophet.

I long to help you unlock your treaure chest

on the desolate beach

and run your hand over all your hidden gems

and pearls

like a rosary

until you pray to yourself when you are weak.

I long to introduce you to your stronger self.

The one that is tough as boot leather, yet welcoming.

I long for you to find kittens in the empty boxes of your soul

and play with them, running yarn as long as your arm

and smiling which each tottering step.

I long for you to feel the sun on your face, every day.

I long for you to wake up happy, held for a moment in an embrace

just before you wake up, whether I am there or not.

I long to introduce you to your better self, the one that smirks at magic tricks

and is amused but has the real thing in the back pocket.

I long to shake your hands free of the false things

that comfort you

Shake them out like grass clippings on a blanket

wrap you in wool

give you hot chocolate

and introduce you to the warm fire

of your own soul

which chases away the shadows for once

and for all.

Poems by Hannah Frank

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