About the 45 vinyl record “Comes Love”

7″ 45 rpm vinyl single “Comes Love”

After writing her own songs for a decade or two, Hannah’s inner story teller is finding a new voice in the music of the American Songbook and country-western world with this 7″ record Comes Love which features Dennis Luxion (piano), Billy Flynn (guitar), Dean Haas (drums) and Ben E. Miller (bass). The title track “Comes Love” is the classic written in 1939, and the B-side is “Walkin’ After Midnight.” It has been featured in UK magazine Blues & Rhythm and by Nashville Blues & Roots Alliance. Purchase it on Amazon.com.

This is part of a current dive into music by other artists: from blues, R&B, pop and songwriter styles, which you can hear at live shows.

This limited edition vinyl is released by Random Chance Records (NYC). Click here to purchase the record.