Digging into Rhythm

I’ve often considered myself a rhythm guitarist, compared to lead. In a basic rock band, one guitarist is lead and the other is rhythm. I got the sense rhythm guitar was like second chair compared to the more epic rock star lead player. However, I also sensed there was something more to it and took a lot of pride in considering myself a rhythm guitar player.

Listening to Richie Havens play “Freedom” at Woodstock ’69 moves me and shows just how much can be done with rhythm. There are many other examples of powerful rhythm guitar if you look, such as in Flamenco and gyspy jazz guitar.

Lately, I’ve taken an even deeper dip with the spade. Upon watching many drummers, and listening to a lot of music, I have an enhanced appreciation of rhythm. Mix in the Internet, where I’ve dug up all kinds of good tutorial videos. Even though the Internet can be the downfall of humanity (turning the potential for civil discourse into a postulating contest), one phenomenal thing about it is the chance to hear music from all over the world. Even fifty years ago, it would be nearly impossible for me to hear authentic music from Turkey, Brazil, India, or other places, played by solid players. The amount of travel, networking and chance necessary would be astronomical enough to be impossible.

With websites like worldmusicmethod.com, my ears are open.

Here’s some other videos I unearthed from the soil of the Internet. I liken this discovery process to finding a clearing in the forest, where I can find a path to travel further:

More to come!