July News: Historic Magazine Blues & Rhythm in UK Reviews “Comes Love”

In the July Issue #341 of UK-based Blues & Rhythm magazine there’s a piece on “Comes Love”! I am in a magazine with Robert Johnson on the cover! Do you see me doing backflips?

“Nice, unpretentious…” – Blues & Rhythm

“Blues & Rhythm covers the full blues and R&B spectrum from pre and post war blues, rhythm and blues, doo-wop vocal groups, vintage soul and gospel and the contemporary blues scene.” – www.bluesandrhythm.co.uk

Now that my adrenaline has come down (a bit) I will tell you how I discovered Robert Johnson. It was the old days with record stores. I saw his box set and I was like, I know this has to be good. It started a whole journey of seeing myself as a solo songwriter and the magic of capturing one’s entire catalog in one day or in two recording sessions.

I even tried to make my first recording session in 2001 model after him: I recorded 21 songs at once. The engineer was like um, you should check out Ani DiFranco. I was wearing a Harley Davidson t-shirt. The tracks aren’t that great (although I do still have the 1/4″ analog tape) but the reason I “went for it” that day was because of this box set.


Thank you to Blues & Rhythm– I’ve got to get a copy to read it!

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The Making of the Heart Hitter Video, with Bluesmen Martin Lang and Dean Haas

Ever have something hit your heart? Here is a blues-inspired song “Heart Hitter.” The video was made by videographer Dave McGuire. We used imagery of birds and highways, which mirrored the song. Adding some artwork, bright, funky imaginary comic book characters painted on a mural under an overpass make cameos. I made thought bubbles and speech bubbles to make these characters ‘talk’ and ‘think’. Chicago blues musicians drummer Dean Haas and harp player Martin Lang are featured on this track, recorded at 4Moore Studios in Chicago. Here it is….